05 February 2016

Bonnie Roof Reviews MaryLu Tyndall's "Charity's Cross"

Adventure, Romance, and Inspiration Galore!!!

Charity's Cross 
MaryLu Tyndall

Bonnie Roof

Five Stars *****

After accidentally killing her abusive husband, Charity Westcott flees Portsmouth, England with her maid, en route to her family home in Charles Towne. She boards a ship, later jumping overboard after recognizing her husband's brother who wants to see her neck in a noose. Rescued by missionary Elias Dutton, son of a famous pirate, the sparks fly between the two - creating numerous humorous dialogues.

Charity's independence, distrust of men, lack of faith, and guilt over her crime and marriage to a man her family felt less than ideal - conflict with Elias' protective nature and spirituality. She questions why God has forsaken her in her time of trials, yet is drawn to Elias' kindness and willingness to risk his life for hers.

Boarding Elias' ship, Charity is promised transportation home, however, Elias must first stop off in Barbados to help his sister who is in danger. Storms, a shipwreck, deceitful plots, and pirates complicate their journey - yet the secrets Charity and Elias each hold create the most danger of all to each of them.

The realism of the characters, adventure, and suspense in "Charity's Cross" held me in it's grip, the romance was beautiful, the spiritual theme inspiring. An exquisite story of hope, forgiveness, and redemption from MaryLu Tyndall, and one I feel is her best yet!!

Note: I received a copy for the purpose of review and am under no requirement to post a positive blog entry.

02 February 2016

Diana's Review Of Charity's Cross By MaryLu Tyndall

Charity's Cross By Marylu Tyndall
Ransom Press, 2016

Reviewed By Diana Flowers
~5 stars!~
(No Spoilers!)

Adventure And Romance On The High Seas!

Once again, author MaryLu Tyndall takes the reader off on a turbulent, exhilarating seafaring journey—from the perils of frothy, turquoise waters filled with swashbuckling pirates and a dangerous jungle replete with exotic birds, foliage, and uncivilized natives—to the beauties of the Caribbean with its warm breezes, swaying palms, sugar cane, and tropical fruits of the West Indies.

Charity Westcott, accused of murdering her abusive husband, desperately boards a ship attempting to flee England. Her plans are to reunite with her family in the colonies, but determined to see her hang her late husband's brother, Charles, follows after her. Upon spotting him, Charity jumps overboard and is rescued by Elias Dutton, missionary and son of the infamous pirate, Rowan Dutton. It is imperative that Elias go to Barbados as soon as possible to come to his sister's aid who may be in danger, and she has little choice but to sail there with him. After suffering horrific abuse at the hands of her husband, Charity loathes and mistrusts all men. But there is something about this enigmatic, rugged man with the kind blue eyes—who has playfully dubbed her "Mermaid"—that draws her. Braving storms, shipwreck, and vicious pirates bind them together, but Charles doggedness and Charity's lies and deception threaten to keep them apart...forever.

MaryLu Tyndall totally outdoes herself with each new book she writes! Her descriptive imagery heightens the readers' senses and emotions with every heart-racing word! I could almost smell the salty, briny sea air, visualize the nefarious pirates' spine-tingling battle upon the crashing waves, and breathe in the scented air of the sweet flowers in the Caribbean. And ooh, the romantic tension is sure to cause your heart to skip a beat or two! The author compassionately deals with the heartbreaking subject of spousal abuse and conveys a strong message of salvation and redemption without being "preachy." Full of surprises and as many twists and turns as a treasure map, best get yer sea legs on, mateys—ye are about to embark upon a journey ye won't soon forget!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

*Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.*

This book may be purchased through Amazon and Barnes & Noble,

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31 January 2016

MaryLu Tyndall Character Interview - Charity Westcott, Lady Villemont

Charity's Cross by MaryLu Tyndall

Interview with the infamous murderer, Charity Westcott, Lady Villemont

By Franklin Morris of the Caribbean Chronicle

“Thank you for meeting with me today, Lady Villemont.” Mr. Morris takes a seat in the tiny cabin on board the Vintage.

Charity lifts her hands and jangles the irons binding her wrists together. “I don’t believe I had a choice, Sir.”

Franklin shifts uncomfortably in his chair and pulls out a pen, ink, and parchment. “Yes…well…Let me start with a simple question. You are…were married to Herbert Gregson, Lord Villemont?”

“I was, yes.”

“And his lordship was found shot to death in the parlor of his house nearly three months ago.”

Charity lowers her gaze and swallows a lump of emotion. “Is that a question or a statement?”

“A statement, I suppose.”

“’Tis why I am here as well you know, Sir.”

“Indeed.”  He nods and jots down something on his paper. “Then do enlighten us, Lady Villemont. Why did you kill your husband?”

Charity gazes out the porthole of the tiny cabin. “Whether I killed him or not is for the court to decide. But his death was an accident, if you must know.”

Mr. Morris snorts. “I suppose a pistol simply appeared in your hand?”

She faces him, annoyed at his impertinence. “In truth, I grabbed it to protect myself.”

“From what, pray tell?”

“From my husband, Sir.”

Mr. Morris’s eyes light up as he dips his pen in ink and scribbles across his parchment.  “Are you saying that Lord Villemont, the pillar of Portsmouth society, intended to harm his own wife?”

She raises her chin. “I am saying exactly that, Sir. He was a different man at home.”

“Indeed.” Mr. Morris gives a disbelieving smile. 

“Yet, I hear from his brother that you were not only a bad wife but unfaithful as well.”

Charity’s face heats as her breath comes hard and fast. “My husband was also a good liar.”

“Hmm.” Mr. Morris studies her. “Yet you left your dead husband on the parlor floor and fled England to embark on some grand adventure in the Caribbean with your lover…what was his name?”

He flips through his parchment. ”Ah, yes, Elias Dutton.” He chuckles. “Claims he’s a preacher!”

“He is a preacher and he is not my lover.” She places her hands in her lap, the clank of iron ringing through the room. In truth, Elias is the kindest most honorable man I know. He helped me to see that God is not to blame for my misfortune.”

“He did, did he? Was this while you shared a cabin together on more than one ship?” He gives a cynical chuckle.

The ship rolls over a wavelet as Charity narrows her eyes. “’Twas necessary for our survival. And he never touched me.”

Shaking his head, Mr. Morris writes furiously on his paper. “What exactly did you blame God for, Lady Villemont?”

“For my marriage, my husband’s abuse…” She presses a hand on her stomach. “Other misfortunes.”

Mr. Morris frowns. “Since God is supposedly all-powerful and all-knowing, why shouldn’t we blame Him when troubles arise?”

Charity eyes him, sensing a sorrow hovering about him. “Because ofttimes our struggles are merely a result of our own actions. God warned me not to marry Lord Villemont and then once I had, God gave me opportunities to leave. I did nothing.”
“Humph. I never caused the problems which came my way.” Mr. Morris’s tone bore anger.

A spark of excitement rises within Charity at the opportunity before her. “Even if we didn’t bring on our misfortune, there could be a thousand reasons for it. The actions of others, a test, a chastisement, a device through which God changes our course or brings us closer to Him. Or the devil himself.”

He stops writing and gazes up at her, searching her face.  

She lays a hand on his arm. “One thing I have learned, Mr. Morris, is that God loves us, and if we allow Him, He will work everything out for our good, even those problems of our own making.”

His lips twist as doubt clouds his eyes. “And yet here you are in chains on a ship bound for trial in England.”

Charity sits back in her chair. “I am willing to face trial. Whatever comes of it, I have learned one thing. I will trust God.”

“Even if you hang?”

“Especially if I hang.”

Mr. Morris lays down his pen and gazes at Charity with a look quite different than the incriminating look of disgust he gave her upon entering the cabin. “I must admit, this interview didn’t go as I expected.  You, milady, are not what I expected.”
Charity smiles as Mr. Morris stands and gathers his things. “You have given me much to think about, Lady Villemont. I wish you the best.”

“As I do you, Sir. God speed to you.”

Author MaryLu Tyndall 
MaryLu Tyndall grew up on the shores of Southern Florida dreaming of romance and adventure upon the sea. She now lives with her husband, six children, and four cats in Northern California where she writes inspirational adventure romance novels. MaryLu's novels have been praised for their fast-paced action, strong inspirational messages, and incredibly vivid settings. Her first novel, The Redemption was nominated for the prestigious Christy Award for Best Christian Fiction. 

28 January 2016

Noela reviews ROAD TO DEER RUN by Elaine Cooper

Road to Deer Run
Road to Deer Run
by Elaine Marie Cooper
CrossRiver Media Group; 2 Edition (November 1, 2015)

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****
Healing of the spirit, soul, and body... Along the road to Deer Run

I was ecstatic to have the chance to read this re-release of ‘Road to Deer Run’! It is one of those extraordinarily rare stories that imparts an enduring and stirring impression upon the heart of the reader. With ever-present fears, dramatic moments, and exquisite love replete throughout, this book will have you foregoing everything else as you traverse the road to Deer Run.

American colonist Mary Thomsen, barely nineteen, is grieving deeply for the loss of her younger brother Asa—cruelly taken by the war between the American colonies and the mother country. When Mary is out collecting oak leaves in the woods on her widowed mother’s land, she stumbles across a grossly injured and near-dying King’s soldier. Does Mary possess the compassion and bravery needed to help the enemy?

British Lieutenant Daniel Lowe, a prisoner of war, was marching towards Boston with his starving, wounded, and exhausted men. Fearing he’ll never survive what’s ahead, he makes a daring escape into nearby woods. Partially hidden in bushes, Daniel lies there exhausted, freezing, and waiting for death to spirit him away from this hell on earth. Before that transpires, an angel or perhaps the enemy by the name of Mary Thomsen, appears by his side.

Incapacitated on enemy soil, Daniel has no option other than to trust his guardian angel, but is he placing Mary and her patriotic family at terrible risk? In danger of also being wounded are the hearts of Daniel and Mary as they unsuccessfully endeavor to quell their burgeoning affection. Will the hostilities of war destroy this union when secrets begin to surface? What will become of this former redcoat during the birth of this new nation?

Riveting and realistic, ‘Road to Deer Run’ effortlessly ferries the reader back to 1777 to a much simpler life in Massachusetts, during the Revolutionary war. Fascinating history and a storyline based on fact, as well as one of the greatest love stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to read—makes this a book you don’t want to miss! Late nights, smiles, and tears are guaranteed!

*Thank you to Elaine Cooper and CrossRiver Media Group for a copy of Road to Deer Run for review purposes. The review is entirely my own opinion.*

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

Available for purchase at these places: Amazon; Barnes & Noble; CrossRiver Media

GIVEAWAY: Elaine Cooper is generously giving away a paperback copy of Road To Deer Run to one blessed commenter! **Outside of US e-book only.** Leave your email to be eligible using the words (at) and (dot) to protect yourself against spammers.

26 January 2016

Return to Shirley Plantation: A Civil War Romance Now Re-Released!

Return to Shirley Plantation: A Civil War Romance by Carrie Fancett Pagels
Now under new cover -- a beautiful design by Roseanna White! -- Return to Shirley Plantation is now available for Kindle and is on SALE for the next few days!!! Paperback version available for order within a week!

This novella was on the Bestselling Civil War ebook list for over seven months and on Civil War bestsellers for a year when it released in 2013. Over seventy reviews with a 4 1/2 Star Rating!!!

Want to read some FUN FACTS about this story? Pop on over to Sydney Anderson's blog, "The Singing Librarian" (Click here.)

Giveaway - copy of the ebook or paperback (USA only for paperback): Do you read Civil War fiction? Did you read Return to Shirley Plantation when it first released?

24 January 2016

Books of the Year List by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Novel of the Year

Brentwoods' Ward by Michelle Griep

Debut Novel of the Year
Debut Christian fiction of the Year

Sword of Forgiveness by Debbie Lynne Costello

Other Favorite Books of the Year

SERIES that I can't wait to read so I've used my Kindle!
As Love Blooms by Lorna Seilstad

FABULOUS Series by Lorna Seilstad!

In Good Company by Jen Turano
Another Fabulous Series!

After a Fashion also by Jen Turano

To Win Her Favor

Also part of a fabulous series!

NOVELLAS of the Year

Novellas of the Year

 To Mend a Dream by Tamera Alexander
(Also available in audiobook format) This is part of a collection but available individually.

Bibliotherapy Novella of the Year

Other Novellas of the Year
The Skiing Suitor by Niki Turner
Part of the "A Love's Sporting Chance" collection from Forget-Me-Not Books

With This Kiss Historical Collection

His Beloved Bride by Ruth Logan Herne and  
Grace Like Rain by Julie Lessman 
(The entire With This Kiss Historical Collection was lovely!)

Novella Collection of the Year - Most Eligible Bachelor from Barbour. All of the novellas in this collection are wonderfully done and I read all of them! This is my favorite of all the Barbour collections I have read to date! 

In this collection DEBUT Novella of 2015: Susie Dietze, Love's Reward 

  • The Highwayman by Shannon McNear
  • Four Brides And A Bachelor by Gabrielle Meyer
  • Baker's Dozen by Gina Welborn
  • A Doctor's Agreement by Cynthia Hickey
  • The Final Baker Bride by Kathleen Y'Barbo
  • The Most Ineligible Bachelor In Town by Connie Stevens
  • A Bride For A Bargain by Amanda Barratt
  • Archeologist's Find- by Erica Vetsch
Other lovely collections with great stories by talented authors (Some of these I read while recovering from major surgery in the spring and enjoyed so much!) 

The Convenient Brides a great collection which includes wonderful novellas like those by Gabrielle Meyer - "A Groom for Josette," and Erica Vesch - "A Bride for Bear," stories from Andrea Boeschaar, Jennifer Uhlarik, Melissa Jagears' great story with "mature" characters and more!

Homestead Brides was SO GOOD!!! Wonderful novellas from some great authors!  A delightful collection. Ruth Logan Herne's "Prairie Promises" and Carla Olson Gade's "Proving Up" were two of my favorites, but all were so well done. One of the most moving tales was written by DiAnn Mills. Add in Pam Hillman's, Mary Connealy's, Erica Vetsch's, Kathleen Y'Barbo's, Darlene Franklin's and Becca Whitham's novellas and you have many novellas to keep you busy reading enjoyably for a long time!

I have to include the 2015 collection Christmas Traditions (Forget-Me-Not Romances, July 2015) because even though I am in it with The Fruitcake Challenge, I don't want to omit all the wonderful stories and authors in this collection, which stayed at the #1 spot on Amazon for anthologies for a long time and on the top #5 through Christmas. It includes a new 2015 novella by Angela Breidenbach plus wonderful stories by Cynthia Hickey, Gina Welborn (who spearheaded the collectin), Patty Smith Hall, Niki Turner, Darlene Franklin, and Jennifer AlLee.

GIVEAWAY: Paperback copy of Brentwood's Ward by Michelle Griep and another winner will receive Ebook or paperback (USA only unless available on BD) of choice of any of these books! Answer these questions: How many of these books were on your favorites list and which are you most yearning to read?  If you are like me there are probably many books you didn't get to read this year that you hope to catch up on!

21 January 2016

Teresa S. Mathews reviews The Husband Maneuver by Karen Witemeyer

By Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Regina Jennings, Melissa Jagears

Bethany House Publishers  January 5, 2016

by Karen Witemeyer

5 Stars*****

There is nothing Marietta Hawkins likes better than hiding out in the hayloft devouring dime novels featuring larger-than-life Dead-Eye Dan. Well, there is one thing she likes better; that's dreaming of being married to the real Dead-Eye Dan, Daniel Barrett, former bounty-hunter, now the foreman of Hawk's Haven, her father's ranch.

Daniel Barrett doesn't like the idea of those books being written about a part of his life he wants to leave behind. He certainly isn't happy when he finds out his boss' beautiful daughter Marietta has been reading them. Daniel thought she knew him for the real man he has proved himself to be, not the larger-than-life Dead-Eye Dan!

When Marietta overhears Daniel telling her father it's time for him to move on, she knows she can't let him leave without getting a proposal out of him. When she comes up with what she thinks is a good plan to prove to Dan she would make a wonderful wife, things gets a little out of hand! Will her scheme work or will her dreams of becoming Mrs. Daniel Barrett be shot down?

Karen Witemeyer's talent once again shines through in this novella. It doesn't matter the length of the story, she grabs your attention from the very beginning and holds it right up until the sigh-worthy end! 

***Thanks to NetGalley and the Bethany House Publishers for 
providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. ***

You can find this exciting novella at AMAZONCBDBAM and Barnes and Noble

GIVEAWAY: Melissa Jagears is generously donating a copy of WITH THIS RING? for one commenter over this week. (A comment on Noela Nancarrow's amazing review from Tuesday will give you another chance!) The format will be winner's choice. E-book only outside of US unless available through Book Depository. *Leave a comment to enter, along with your email!*

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